Pools and Spa

Our ‘pool man’ is Chris and he takes great pride in the daily maintenance of all our pools.They are always in perfect condition and crystal clear.


All our in ground pools are heated to 28c. Our spa at La Grange du Moulin is heated to 38c and our toddler pool at La Grange heated to 30c. All are heated using very efficient heat pumps which maintain the temperature. The plunge pool at Fontaine villa is unheated but easily reaches at least 26c in peak season.


The in ground pools are surrounded by a sunbathing terrace with lots of sunbeds and both sunshine and shade at different times of day. The toddler pool is shaded at all times by a ‘sail’.


All the in ground pools are enclosed with a wall or fence and have a child safety latch fitted on the gateway, they are also alarmed to conform to French safety regulations. The plunge pool at Fontaine is not enclosed but is above ground and can be made safe from toddlers by removing the steps as it is 1m20 high.


The hot tub at La Grange du Moulin is perfect for relaxing in the evening when the children are in bed. It is located within monitor range of the cottages in an enclosed area with child safety latch on the gate. It may be used by children but only under the direct supervision of an adult in the hot tub with them.

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All the in ground pools have shallow areas for younger children at 1m depth and deep areas for jumping and swimming at approx 2m depth. The Les Vallaies pool has a shallow paddling area too